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When in Paris: Tips and tricks (Part Deux)

Hello lovely people. Planning to go to Paris? Planning to go to Paris, again? I told you where you could stay if you're into typical Parisian places, but then again, maybe you're not, and maybe you need more inside information if you feel #AlmostParisian. Anyways, let's talk some more about where you can stay. There… Continue reading When in Paris: Tips and tricks (Part Deux)

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A guide, some tips and fun stuff for girls in Paris

“You don’t have to be French to be a Parisian.“    —Karl Lagerfeld That, coming from Karl Lagerfeld about Paris and Parisians, is as good as quoting God from the Bible, (and even more important, cause Karl is HERE) so I'm gonna take his word for it. As for you other almost Parisians, whether you plan… Continue reading A guide, some tips and fun stuff for girls in Paris


Do’s and Don’ts in Paris.

Sure, we all know where to go, when planning a trip to Paris. Sure, it takes a lot longer than a week to take in all the beauty (and to visit all the places) and more than a lifetime to actually get enough of it. But if you're there for a short period of time,… Continue reading Do’s and Don’ts in Paris.