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Анаис од Монмартр, chapter two.

„Ќерка ти е тука. Донесе и мачка!”


Како се оди во Париз

Во Париз сега има неколку изложби што некако ми требаат во моментов, само што се трудам да го послушам разумот и на целото тоа „излези-влези” таму во 2017-та, некако да се фокусирам на некој друг град. Пред да се вразумам, веќе тргнав да планирам, па ми текна. Можеби некој ќе го интересира мојот начин… Continue reading Како се оди во Париз

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Paris, August ’16

August was super exciting, mainly for the fact that Paris happened, and it wasn't a regular Paris, it was 'Photo Shoot Paris' this time. This of course means, that the city and I were modelling for what used to be the_sarcastic_photographer, now sony_alpha_guy, who I can't thank enough, simply for the fact that he was one… Continue reading Paris, August ’16

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When in Paris: Tips and tricks (Part Deux)

Hello lovely people. Planning to go to Paris? Planning to go to Paris, again? I told you where you could stay if you're into typical Parisian places, but then again, maybe you're not, and maybe you need more inside information if you feel #AlmostParisian. Anyways, let's talk some more about where you can stay. There… Continue reading When in Paris: Tips and tricks (Part Deux)