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Карантин, шишки и споредни разговори

Сабајлето ми се состоеше од следниве активности: Се разбудив, и по цела должина на ногата осетив Мише, истегнато и многу заспано, што природно предизвика агресија со гушкање и бацување - чин што мачето воопшто не го воодушеви, напротив, прво ме гризеше, ме клоцаше и успеа да рипне од кревет, револтиран дека му е уништен сонот.… Continue reading Карантин, шишки и споредни разговори

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When in Paris: Tips and tricks (Part Deux)

Hello lovely people. Planning to go to Paris? Planning to go to Paris, again? I told you where you could stay if you're into typical Parisian places, but then again, maybe you're not, and maybe you need more inside information if you feel #AlmostParisian. Anyways, let's talk some more about where you can stay. There… Continue reading When in Paris: Tips and tricks (Part Deux)

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How is this a thing? Who let it happen? All I see on the internet is women defending makeup (and beautifully), but nothing about who started this. Did anyone dare to belittle people who wear makeup? WHY? Let's get a few things straight about makeup. 1. We wear makeup, not because we want people to… Continue reading I’m sorry, MAKEUP SHAMING?!

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Clients From Hell

I work as a social media specialist (among other things), and like every job you can do from home, that also gives people the impression that 'it's not like you're doing anything', or 'it's just you browsing Facebook', it can have minor setbacks. So let's see. Freelancers get the most shit from people, because: It's… Continue reading Clients From Hell

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A guide, some tips and fun stuff for girls in Paris

“You don’t have to be French to be a Parisian.“    —Karl Lagerfeld That, coming from Karl Lagerfeld about Paris and Parisians, is as good as quoting God from the Bible, (and even more important, cause Karl is HERE) so I'm gonna take his word for it. As for you other almost Parisians, whether you plan… Continue reading A guide, some tips and fun stuff for girls in Paris


How To Shop For Shoes

Need new shoes? Why not do what I do. 1. Get up in the morning and have your coffee. 2. Forget to eat. 3. Put on leggings because they're easy for trying on shoes, but forget that you'll need to try on shoes and wear the heaviest boots you have, that are hardest to take off.… Continue reading How To Shop For Shoes


Girl Hacks, Part Un.

Some things in life can be totally annoying. Even more annoying for women. While I believe these are things that everybody knows, I also know that sometimes one needs yet another reminder to start doing them. I know I do. 1. Always have black  nail polish in your purse. Let's imagine: You're all dressed up, hair and… Continue reading Girl Hacks, Part Un.


Working From Home: Why I Love It

I went through my studies without a clear picture about what I wanted to do. When I finally received my diploma, everyone thought that I'll just go on to become what the diploma said I was, but I somehow... Didn't want to 🙂 So one day, sitting at home, I made a small wish, to be… Continue reading Working From Home: Why I Love It