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Where to stay: Catherine’s beautiful Parisian apartment

Just wanted to give a shout-out to my host in Paris, who allowed me enjoy her beautiful apartment and to show you some pictures of it. Maybe you’ll need it soon 😉

Mademoiselle Catherine was this beautiful, charming and helpful Parisienne that I found on Airbnb like in the last minute, since something took a bad turn with our previous accommodation. Her listing was cute, the location seemed good, but there were no stars. I decided to risk it, and it turned out to be the one of the best decisions I could make for my Paris trip.

An adorable angle of the living room.
An adorable angle of the living room.

You can rent either the entire apartment, or just the bedroom, while you have all of the apartment to use anyway. Catherine is in love with Africa, so you will see a lot of art related to it in her place, that she will tell you so lovingly about. The apartment is typical French, with narrow stairs that lead to it and smell like old Paris, with tight charming corridors and windows taken right out of a book. The kitchen is cute, has the best coffee machine EVAR, and the bathroom is brand new.

The area is Place de Clichy, and the apartment is 15 minutes away from Montmartre and Pigalle. A simple Google map will very easily get you to your Montmartre cup of coffee, or your Pigalle crepes. There are two metro stations very close to it, I used La Fourche, but you can use both Guy Moquet and Brochant.

The only thing wrong about this, is that the pictures simply don’t do it justice. As cute as it is in the photos, it is absolutely breathtaking if you’re into the Parisian feel, with the high ceilings and wooden floors.

Panoramic view, click for larger.
Panoramic view, click for larger. Do you see how adorable that tablecloth is?! And that red coat is a nice touch, no matter how unintentional.

I feel like I most definitely mustn’t forget the fact that it was SO clean, but I’d rather talk about how fantastic Catherine’s wine is. Or, she’ll tell you herself, if you ask 😉

I really wanted that box :D
I really wanted that zebra box 😀

It was an excellent place, and this is the Airbnb link where you can get to it. And if you do go, do share how it was, I can never get enough 😉

Next, tips on Paris (again).

And on a different Paris story…



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