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How is this a thing? Who let it happen? All I see on the internet is women defending makeup (and beautifully), but nothing about who started this. Did anyone dare to belittle people who wear makeup?


Let’s get a few things straight about makeup.

1. We wear makeup, not because we want people to like us more, but because we want to make our beautiful features even more beautiful.

2. Some of us have features that we don’t quite like, AND THAT’S OKAY, and we wear makeup so we could feel better about those features.


3. There are tons of fantastic, skin-soothing, face-glistening-with-beauty makeup products that we love.

4. It’s okay not to wear makeup. However, not wearing makeup DOES NOT make you better than people who do.

5. Having time to do your makeup does not mean you don’t have anything better to do. It means time with yourself and time with beauty and that’s fantastic, for the record.

6. The fact that people have jobs, lives, children, errands and stuff to do with life AND have time to put makeup on makes them ADMIRABLE.

7. Yes, we are prettier with makeup and nothing in this entire world will ever change that.

8. I haven’t even read the reasons for #makeupshaming and I don’t even care, because they’re all wrong.


9. You have no right to makeup shaming, just as no one has the right to tell you ‘eeeeeew, put some makeup on’.

10. Makeup is civilization’s beautiful gift to anyone who enjoys it.

All of you other makeup shamers, you’re free to not wear make up and get your unpowdered noses out of our fun, colorful lives.

Thank you,




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