XEVANA: Stop Everything, because I found my new most favorite jewelry in the world.


You have no idea how hard it is for a person with such picky taste for jewelry to name one product that can be called a favorite.

Browsing blogs, and Instagrams, I found Xevana, and immediately had a ‘where have you been all my life’ experience.

And product after product, piece after piece, it never stops being better than the previous one, the craft is incredible, the details are jaw-dropping, and it’s everything I’ve ever wished for in jewelry.

Because it has femininity, and yet a certain dose of edge.

It screams ‘I’m strong’ and bravely whispers ‘I know I’m beautiful‘, and it reaches to a point where it’s not you who wears Xevana, but it’s Xevana who wears you.

I knew that the fashion world had its corners where incredible artists stand and create, waiting for the well-deserved highest pedestal of jewelry craftsmanship, and I knew that I still hadn’t heard about so many of them.

But to know that Xevana exists in the same world like me, and somewhere, a certain Eva S. works on her next artistic creation, that’s not just a thrill – it’s an honor.

All photos are from Xevana.com website.

alayne_a0fcee4a-cad3-4200-a39f-c8baa49e161e_large castaliaixoscropped_large fero-silver-i-1000_large flawless-i-1000_large loki_large parisian_large providence-ii-1000_large titania_large volantis-i-1000_large

~Xevana Web~
~Xevana Facebook~
~Xevana Instagram~

I am so hopelessly in love.



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