I Watched ‘Love Is Strange’.

Oh, this was a sad movie. No, I’m not spoiling anything, my overall impression has nothing to do with an ending, or a specific event in the script, I just had to say, it’s sad.


There’s an air of melancholy that I didn’t expect (which is totally my fault since I only finished re-watching Third Rock From The Sun a month ago), and it practically shows how ordinary life is. With a subtle emphasis, if that’s possible of how ordinary life is for gay couples as well. This part I liked because we still live in a world where people think that gay people are an epitome of fornication, where in reality, people range on a scale from Sodoma and Gomora to an orthodox monastery in a Slavic country, regardless of their sexual orientation. And to me, this means that we have a successful movie. It’s not every day that you see a message so neatly broadcast through a fantastic team of people.

If you’re looking for something artistic, urban and picturesque, go for this one, although I cannot say that it was something that I would watch twice. It was a nice experience, but not my cup of tea, regarding production, and I didn’t care for the music neither. This of course, is only regarding my personal taste, while this movie has every ingredient that makes it wonderful.

And here’s the trailer:


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