I watched ‘Gone Girl’

This will be a short review, because the movie speaks for itself, and it’s probably one of the best thrillers I’ve seen in the past ten years.


Everyone involved did a fantastic job. Ben Affleck was never one of my favorite actors, even though I’ve always found him very good, but here, he simply nailed the character of a confused husband who reacts exactly like anyone in his situation would. There was no necessary drama, no staged expected reactions that only happen in a movie, everything was great. Every character was complete, the casting was appropriate and a bow for the leading lady. Her performance was one of those we’ll be talking about for decades. ‘You know Rosamund Pike? -Oh, from Gone Girl, yeah woooow…’

I kind of feel bad I didn’t get to read the book first, but maybe I will, some day. Did you read it? How does it compare?

The story is refreshing, just when you think that you guessed what it’s all about (and kind of feel disappointed), it’s NOT it. There’s more.

So, all in all, either you knew this, or you live in a cave and are one of the only two people in the world who haven’t seen it. I get that as well, but it’s safe to see it, even though you avoid commercially successful films.

Two thumbs WAY up.



12 responses to “I watched ‘Gone Girl’”

  1. Well, I watched it last night, and wow. It was amazing. Rosamund Pike where have you been all my life. I mean brilliant. Everyone else was totally on point as well. Great movie!! Thanks for the review. It made me watch it sooner than I was going to.

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