The Power Of A Man’s Watch

As in wrist watch.

Since mobile phones came out, I forgot how to wear a watch. I’ve tried ever since, but with no success. I’m just not used to it anymore.

But I have this craving now.

And what I find interesting about this craving is that its intensity is equal with the craving for boots. And you know what it means to have a craving for boots.

I feel like wearing men’s watches. A particular men’s watch, to be precise. Have you noticed at all how good the masculine features of a men’s watch look when placed loosely on a girl’s wrist?

I can show you:

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So I was browsing the web for inspiration, but nothing was really good enough. Until I reached Invaluable. One of those classy auction websites, that sell jewelry, collectibles, even furniture and antiques.

And watches.

Men’s watches. (I feel very James Bond today).

And then I found it.

Look at it. But click with caution. Highly addictive. Also zoomable, a very orgasmic feature.

Just try to pay attention to the poetry: Gents Rolex Stainless Steel Oyster Perpetual Datejust Watch. Silver Dial. 18k White Gold Fluted Bezel. Stainless Steel Oyster Band.


That’s not poetry, that’s erotica. I am absolutely positively convinced that there is no other accessory for me out there. At least not one that will make me a classy, posh Bond girl, the way this one would.

So thank you, Invaluable, I have an addiction now.




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