American Horror Story ‘Freakshow’ Premiere

Oh, my God, they’re back.

Is it just me, or the premiere wasn’t as thrilling as expected?

Were our expectations too high? (Damn right, we got used to utter awesomeness)

ahs clown

Yes, it was impossibly cool because now all the characters/actors feel like home.

Yes, it was disgusting and scary and creepy (that home-made porn movie, though), but did I get the feeling I had when I first watched the pilot, or episode one of ‘Asylum’, or episode one of ‘Coven’?

I’m sorry, no.

And this is coming from a huge fan, not one of those who wait to be entertained, and give up on the show if it’s not perfect for five minutes.

I admire the producers’ sense for horror and creepiness. Season 1 had some of the most perfectly crafted horrors in the modern movie world. I could almost feel that these people had the same exasperation like me with the current horror attempts and decided to take matters into their own hands. And they succeeded. And then ‘Asylum’ happened. And they did it again. And then ‘Coven’ happened and they… Well. it was outrageously fun and enticing, until they got to the singing. Remember, near the end when somehow they tried to get away with making a comeback for a country singer who was supposed to be a witch (and this is no spoiler, because it has NOTHING to do with the plot, it’s as stupid as it sounds), who was supposed to be an idol or something? Because I really don’t want to remember that.


But the, actors, oh man. Fantastic as always. Frances Conroy is… Well, just as you’d expect her to be, look at that attitude.

And KATHY BATES TOO!!! Kathy Bates never fails to be brilliant. Never, ever. One of the happiest days in terms of my filmomania was when I read that Misery’s finest is joining the cast and it was an even happier time when I learned she will be in Freakshow too.

Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, all back, all impressive.

One thing the production managed to achieve is that, you really are kind of shocked, not knowing where to turn during some scenes, just as the audience of those freakshows in the ’50s probably was. And this is another token of their brilliance, and that’s why I’m not giving up on shows like this. Because, it’s not that I didn’t like the episode, I just didn’t have that feeling, formally known as:


That was the case with the other seasons. But I’m waiting. It’s AHS.

(That feeling is now reserved for Sherlock, as Sherlock’s next episode is, *cringe* in December, 2015, to continue in *cringe* 2016, but we’ll whine about that some other time).

Bottom line, no matter what I said, life is back to normal now that AHS is on. I hope it leaves us all in awe.


Just. Please. Stop. With. The. Singing.




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