Did you see Moschino’s Barbie Collection?

Oh, my God, I’M DYING HERE! So clever and so fun, I haven’t had this much fun watching the runway for ages. All those clothes, the little details, they look exactly like the ones I dressed my Barbies in! Remember saying ‘Why can’t there be Barbie clothes for my size?’ And there was, some pink t-shirts and dresses with the Barbie logo, BUT NOT ACTUAL BARBIE OUTFITS!

And then, there was Moschino. Thank you Moschino. I won’t be able to sleep now until I get my hands on one of those bags. On all of those bags. And boots. AND THE PLASTIC BRA, COME ON! In love right now.

Mini skirt $395
Short dress – $850
Long sleeve sweater – $575, Mini skirt: $395
(GOD HELP ME THIS IS PERFECTION) Medium leather bag – $1,995
Leather outerwear – $2,675
Medium fabric bag – $795

All the images are from Moschino’s website and are clickable and shopable. I can’t find all of the items I saw on the video, but you know, here’s a link for the video (NOT FOR THE FAINTHEARTED):

Now, let’s look at that first bag one more time:

moschino 1moschino2moschino

I think I’m having a heart attack.


How did you take it?




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