Victory Over Writer’s Block

Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear. Pure excitement.

You know that feeling of frustration and almost physical chest pain of being unable to write a single word for days? Months?


And you know the feeling after those long months of torture, when you finally find yourself writing whole pages without a stop? And you’re so inspired, that you even have words left for a blog post?



Oh, it was so hard. I know it’s a beautiful first world problem and all, but those of you who write will surely understand what I mean. I was a creative black hole after publishing my first. Yes, I did have like, three chapters from the sequel. More like scenes. The first chapter, a scene in the middle and another one, for who knows which part. All of them like, blah. I mean good, but not good enough. I even started wondering how I managed to write a whole book. How did you write a whole book in a few months, and now you can’t even reach chapter two and a half? How can other people have ideas even before they finish their current work?

I would open Word, and sit down with it.

Have coffee with it.

Manage a few sentences,

Decide they’re horrible.

Go eat.

Go back to Word.

Curse Word.

Curse self.

Check Amazon sales for first book.

Use sadly appropriate Game of Thrones reference:

What do we say to writing? – Not today.

But today it was ‘YES TODAY!’

I managed to get direction. I managed to set it up nicely in London. Demonstrate my love-hate relationship with the city. Introduce a new, colorful character.


That’s how hard it was for me to go back. And now there’s that lovely feeling that threatens to be as good as falling in love for the first time.

I better go back to it now, before inspiration wears of. I’m a little tired of writer’s block, I need my dose of writing.

Thank you.




Feel like reading a Paris novel? – Here.


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