The feeling when you get the first review

You write and edit, and re-write and nibble on your nails, and then add and edit again, and you publish, and some time later, the first review arrives. It’s a wonderful feeling when someone you really don’t know likes your book. You don’t even know what they look like, they don’t know you, don’t know your life, or the way you express yourself, and yet they like it and give it 4 stars.
almost parisian kindle cover

The review is from One Girl Lost In Romance Books Blog:

This is the debut book by Jana Misho and I found it to be an enjoyable read. 

“The story is a about a girl life in Paris (a very complicated life). Reading this felt a little bit like reading someone’s biography a little. I liked the way it was written, it was different and refreshing. Near the start of the book she loses her job and has no idea what to next or if she will have money to pay her rent. She has lots of close friends but a times through the book these friendships are tested. I must admit I really like Max in the story, there banter was great at times. It took me a while to warm up Caesar but once he was more in the story I was fine. 

It did take me a little while to connect the story- I think this may be the way its told and that’s it different to books I would normally read. Once I got it into the story I read it fairly quickly. There is lots happening that keep you engaged in the story and it flows really well. 

Overall an enjoyed debut novel. At end of book it says there could be more to come and I would be interested to see where the story goes…”

Gratefulness 🙂


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