Карти за Париз, прирачник за патувањето и “Almost Parisian” настан на Саем на книга!

За некој да има можност лично да ги доживее местата спомнати во романите „Скоро парижанка” и „Анаис од Монмартр” и ќе подариме два авионски билети за Париз! Не можам да се изнарадувам на ова!


Извадок од „Скоро парижанка: Како да ги преживееш своите доцни дваесетти… Во Париз”

1. Париз е совршен во пролет. Топол е, има сонце, Французите се излезени, седат во слатки кафичи, пијат кафе, пијат вино. Врие од туристи, кој дотеран и убеден дека мора двојно повеќе да се дотера затоа што е во Париз, кој со ранец, кој без идеја кај се наоѓа, а сите подеднакво досадни за намрштените… Continue reading Извадок од „Скоро парижанка: Како да ги преживееш своите доцни дваесетти… Во Париз”


За искуството со Airbnb, зошто е паметно и како тоа функционира

Дали и вас собирањето впечатоци од последното патување ви вклучува и оставање на распакуваните ствари по куќа додека не летнат сами по плакари? Додека чекам да испере машината, сфаќам дека иако јас мислам дека сите знаат што значи Airbnb, сепак неколку луѓе , кога објаснував како сум се сместила, ми рекоа "а шо тоа?" Плус,… Continue reading За искуството со Airbnb, зошто е паметно и како тоа функционира

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Where to stay: Catherine’s beautiful Parisian apartment

Just wanted to give a shout-out to my host in Paris, who allowed me enjoy her beautiful apartment and to show you some pictures of it. Maybe you'll need it soon 😉 Mademoiselle Catherine was this beautiful, charming and helpful Parisienne that I found on Airbnb like in the last minute, since something took a… Continue reading Where to stay: Catherine’s beautiful Parisian apartment

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Horror Fans Rejoice: I Found The Best Horror Shorts On Youtube

I've been following the horror scene since I was five. In all of these years, there have been a handful of times when I was genuinely freaked out. Here and there, when I was a really young child who insisted on staying up late and watching Argento, some time later, with the original Grudge (the… Continue reading Horror Fans Rejoice: I Found The Best Horror Shorts On Youtube

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How is this a thing? Who let it happen? All I see on the internet is women defending makeup (and beautifully), but nothing about who started this. Did anyone dare to belittle people who wear makeup? WHY? Let's get a few things straight about makeup. 1. We wear makeup, not because we want people to… Continue reading I’m sorry, MAKEUP SHAMING?!

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Clients From Hell

I work as a social media specialist (among other things), and like every job you can do from home, that also gives people the impression that 'it's not like you're doing anything', or 'it's just you browsing Facebook', it can have minor setbacks. So let's see. Freelancers get the most shit from people, because: It's… Continue reading Clients From Hell


I Watched “Fifty Shades Of Grey”

There may be spoilers below, but who cares. I didn't read the book. I might decide to endure it, though, for the same perverted reasons I decided to watch the movie. The word 'perverted' here, is in no way related to the subject covered in the film. It means 'being completely aware that you'll have… Continue reading I Watched “Fifty Shades Of Grey”


How To Shop For Shoes

Need new shoes? Why not do what I do. 1. Get up in the morning and have your coffee. 2. Forget to eat. 3. Put on leggings because they're easy for trying on shoes, but forget that you'll need to try on shoes and wear the heaviest boots you have, that are hardest to take off.… Continue reading How To Shop For Shoes


Interior Design: I’d LOVE to think inside THIS box!

A few things in this world amaze me to the point of batting my eye-lashes dreamily and thinking how well they would go with my life, whatever they are. Interior design, that is, smart, crafty and FANTASTIC interior design is one of those things. A few days ago, I discovered this BOX thingy, and I… Continue reading Interior Design: I’d LOVE to think inside THIS box!


XEVANA: Stop Everything, because I found my new most favorite jewelry in the world.

You have no idea how hard it is for a person with such picky taste for jewelry to name one product that can be called a favorite. Browsing blogs, and Instagrams, I found Xevana, and immediately had a 'where have you been all my life' experience. And product after product, piece after piece, it never stops… Continue reading XEVANA: Stop Everything, because I found my new most favorite jewelry in the world.


I Watched ‘Love Is Strange’.

Oh, this was a sad movie. No, I'm not spoiling anything, my overall impression has nothing to do with an ending, or a specific event in the script, I just had to say, it's sad. There's an air of melancholy that I didn't expect (which is totally my fault since I only finished re-watching Third… Continue reading I Watched ‘Love Is Strange’.


Girl Hacks, Part Un.

Some things in life can be totally annoying. Even more annoying for women. While I believe these are things that everybody knows, I also know that sometimes one needs yet another reminder to start doing them. I know I do. 1. Always have black  nail polish in your purse. Let's imagine: You're all dressed up, hair and… Continue reading Girl Hacks, Part Un.


Working From Home: Why I Love It

I went through my studies without a clear picture about what I wanted to do. When I finally received my diploma, everyone thought that I'll just go on to become what the diploma said I was, but I somehow... Didn't want to 🙂 So one day, sitting at home, I made a small wish, to be… Continue reading Working From Home: Why I Love It


I watched ‘Gone Girl’

This will be a short review, because the movie speaks for itself, and it's probably one of the best thrillers I've seen in the past ten years. Everyone involved did a fantastic job. Ben Affleck was never one of my favorite actors, even though I've always found him very good, but here, he simply nailed… Continue reading I watched ‘Gone Girl’


Writing A Good Review

After I stepped into the writing world, I learned a huge number of things about the industry, the authors, Amazon and... reviews. I spent hours browsing for my peers' work, reading review after review, and honestly, most of the time, I felt kind of confused and with a single question dancing in my head: Why… Continue reading Writing A Good Review

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Boots To Kill For.

Knees trembling, losing track of time and space, the tiny (or not so tiny) orgasm, the phrase I NEED YOU, exploding in your head like fireworks. No this isn't the beginning of a romance novel, it's #allthefeels when its majesty, the perfect boot, is presented before our eyes. And since the upcoming season has so… Continue reading Boots To Kill For.